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Treatment Packages
(In-The Spa Treatment Rooms Only)​ 


  • Energizing - 120 min
    Your journey begins with foot cleansing ritual, continued with warming scrub completed with Balinese Energizing Massage, ended with warming body wrap including bath and finally topped up with Traditional Warming Healthy Drink for a few minutes to keep your body warm and energized
  • Soothing –120min
    Dominated by two elements namely solid (earth) and liquid (water), this pathway has the potential to soothe your total well being. Your journey begins with foot cleansing ritual, continued with soothing scrub, completed with Balinese Soothing Massage and ended with soothing body wrap including the “Herbals” bath ritual complemented with Traditional Soothing Healthy Drink during bathing, aimed to refresh your complete being.
  • Balancing – 120min
    Powered by three elements of solid (earth), liquid (water) and heat, this treatment has the potential to balance your energy and increase vitality.Your journey begins with foot cleansing ritual followed by balancing scrub application, continued with Balinese Balancing Massage including the application of balancing body wrap. Complete your rejuvenation with balancing bath accompanied with Traditional Healthy Drink to immediately benefit from your balanced energy and increased vitality.
  • Balinese Bliss Healing - 60 min or 90 min
    This is one of the Ancient Traditional Balinese Healing Massages performed by applying techniques such as acupressure, stretching, palm and thumb pressure, the use of hot volcanic stone glade with long stokes at your entire body to stimulate energy flow, strengthen and balance it. This treatment is combined with an application of Traditional Balinese Wrap infused with Balinese alcohol (arak) in the problem areas; it will surely loosen up a stressed and tired body for a complete relaxation and healing.
  • Balinese Harmony  (For Couple) – 90min
    This couple’s body massage is essentially an inner beauty and power vitality massage that includes stimulation of body parts. These massages are provided by professionals with the idea that relaxation and harmony of your body, mind and spirit can be obtained by making one aware of and able to control vitality energy which is a large part of your emotional and physical well-being.