ocean spa

Stand in the ocean, as deep as is safe or right for you. Bring to mind any feelings or past events that you wish to release or wash away. 
We are delighted to invite you to enjoy our new spa experience. Our Ocean spa offers a different range of spa treatments that would rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Experience with a different point of view while looking out to the clear turquoise water and golden shoreline of Indian Ocean.




Pre-Treatment – Foot Cleansing  
Your spa healing journey will start off from our signature foot cleansing ritual. We often disregard that our feet are also in need of a constant treatment. They after all are of vital importance to the blood circulation and the conditions of our internal organs.  We trust that by looking after the end of the root gently and with care; the whole spa treatment will reach its main purposes. 

The foot cleansing will start from soaking your feet into sea water that has been mixed with salt and mixed herbal; continue with cleansing using our handmade liquid soap; scrubbing with mixed salt, lemon, peppermint and essential oils. 

Our ingredients and sources are all from natural sources because we believe, nature always provides the best out of everything and that is what we would like to deliver to our guests.


ID is required to book with us

To book accommodation on our resort you would need to provide a valid ID card upon arrival. Recently we had an influx of attempts to book our facilities using fake IDs that were bought on Internet. Tho such IDs scan and backlight, our security checks still able to determine they are fake.