Legian Beach Hotel Bali

Eco-Friendy Hotel


Eco-Friendly Hotel

We are proud to be the only hotel in candidasa that applies an environmental friendly program by implementing the eco cleaning, bio coral, rain water harvesting and waste water control program to our resort. We believe if we do not start conserving and protecting our environment from these very days, it might be too late to wait for the future.


Earth friendly cleaning because WE CARE! 

We are the only hotel in candidasa area that implemented the use of natural cleaners for cleaning. We believe that chemicals and other conventional cleaning products are bad for our beautiful environment. Though they might be easier to use, however they are not as safe as what we think they are. They pollute the water, the surrounding ecosystem and they are also bad for human’s health. Candi Beach Resort and Spa is cutting down the use of chemicals and general cleaning products because WE CARE! 


Rain Water Harvesting

We are developing rain water harvesting at some landscape area in the hotel. This program will help us to use less fresh water for gardening and use the rain water instead. Rain water is also a better resource for the garden as it gives more benefits for the plants. By using the rain water, helps us to preserve more fresh water for other cleaning purposes such as showering, cleaning kitchen dishes, laundry in housekeeping and to fill up the swimming pools. 


Waste Water Program

We all know that water is renewable natural resources. It gets purified through the evaporation process and rain. however, we couldn’t always wait for the rain especially in the area where it is summer almost all year long. In Candi Beach Resort and Spa, we are developing a waste water program so that we could reuse the water for other purposes. We also encourage and invite our guests to participate in this program by putting a green card on the bed and bathroom by changing their linen and towel every 2 days.

We Love Our Corals! WE CARE! 

Do you know that as much as 10% of beautiful coral reefs in the world have been destroyed? Corals have been living for ten thousands of years and survived a lot of natural changes but many of them now are suffering from the damage caused by humankind. 
Bio coral is a way to save the life of the coral reefs by transferring the right amount of electricity (that is safe for the marine life and also humans) to a steel structure and therefore makes it grows limestone or substrate called calcium carbonate which is best for coral to grow on. 

Candi Beach Resort and Spa cares about the underwater environment and is very keen to put an extra effort in increasing the coral reefs life. we are proud / we are planning to implement the bio coral, where we plant and develop them and in doing so, will speed up the growth of the coral in the water.

WE CARE about the coral reefs, the marine life and surrounding environment and are very much supportive in preserving and protecting them. WE CARE!

We love this!