Flavors of Bali: A Culinary Discovery

Flavors of Bali: A Culinary Discovery

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Culinary Journey

Embark on a culinary journey with our "Discover a Balinese Cooking Class." Whether you select to discover the local market, trek through the scenic Pegubugan area, or learn directly in our comfortable resort setting, this class offers a unique opportunity to learn about and indulge in authentic Balinese cuisine. Craft and savor traditional dishes in a class that is as informative as it is tasty.


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Dinner on The Boat

start from IDR 400,000 net per person

The Boat: A Symphony of Ocean, Sky, and Culinary Delight Experience the elevated ambiance of The Boat, where the dining experience is harmonized with breathtaking views of the ocean and sky. Each meal is crafted to elevate the natural beauty surroundings, combining the fresh, ocean breeze of the tropics with rich, flavorful cuisine that is […]

Picnic Lunch at the Hillside Gazebo

IDR 1,100,000 net for two persons
Journey to our hillside gazebo for a delightful picnic lunch

Serene Gazebo Picnic Experience Discover a serene getaway with our Hillside Picnic Lunch, set in a picturesque hilltop location. Surrounded by green landscapes and breathtaking scenes, indulge in a spread of gourmet delicacies and refreshing beverages. It is the perfect setting for a peaceful venue and reconnect with nature.   Find our menu here

Romantic Moments at Candi Beach

Start from IDR 1,300,000 net per couple
Intimate evening with our exclusive dinner for two

Elegant Romance Dinner

Healthy Retreat

Rate is inclusive of service charge & government tax
IDR 500,000 net per person

Healthy Retreat