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Sustainability Program
Quality Management and Environment

Candi Beach Resort & Spa proudly announce its current and future sustainability program at the resort. The resort team are commited on engaging in the process of continuous improvement of Quality Management and Environment. We are all working together, as Candi Beach Resort and Spa aims to be leading performer in the industry.

The three pillars of the sustainability program:

Environment Responsible
Initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the business throughout the value chain.

Socially Acceptable
Initiative promoting the wellbeing, health and safety of communities, customers and employees.

Economically Viable
Initiative that ensure business can thrive while making these long-term positive impacts.

As our sustainability journey is ongoing, we continually review and improve our program based on feedback from surroundings and performance monitoring. Implementing effective sustainability program quality management can reduce our environmental impact, improve our reputation and create long-term value for the business.

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